A Flower For His Sand (Gaara One-shot)

 I knew the Fifth Kazekage was behind the closed doors; I also knew that he was patiently waiting for me to enter his office. I took a deep breath. Was I really ready to face him? I was aware that he recently returned from being held captive of the Akatuski, I still felt guilty about that. I wasn’t home when they attacked. In fact, I was delayed because of their invasion. I was appointed as a tutor for the Leaf Village trainees in Medical Ninjutsu. But now with the Kazekage back, Kankuro ordered for me to return to the Sand and mend any other wounds.
        ‘Gaara,’ I thought. ‘What am I gonna say to him?’

            All my life I’ve watched him grow up. And every time I saw him, my heart would leap out of my chest. I never understood nor saw what the villagers claimed him to be; he was always talked down to and feared by everyone, except me. It seemed just like yesterday he was that lonely little boy who always sat on a swing with his teddy bear.

            “Brielle, you wanna play with us?”

            “No, some other time maybe.”        

            “You’re always saying that. Are you mad at us?”

            All the kids were outside and wanted to play ball. Gaara even showed up only to be resented by them. I remember I had carried a notepad and pencil with me; I was going to write something and give it to Gaara.

            “No I’m not mad. I’m just not in the mood to play today,” I told the kids.

            “You’re always saying that too. Come on guys, let’s go.”

            They didn’t even glance over at him nor consider whether to include him. Every day of my childhood, my parents would warn me to stay away from him, the monster. But I never saw that in him; instead, I saw a sad, lonesome soul who longed for acceptance. He just wanted a friend, so I made my way closer and threw my notepad toward his direction.

            “Oh that darn wind,” I radically said. “It’s always blowing my stuff away.”

            He didn’t even look my way, and the day wasn’t even windy. So I pouted and stormed over to a tree nearby to write. Still, I couldn’t get over the fact that I failed to get Gaara’s attention. I turn my head to look at him once more.  

            “I should’ve just said hi,” I muttered.

            The playful screams of the children distracted me; I wasn’t able to write a single word down.

            “Maybe he’ll notice me if I pretend to like someone else. Or whenever I’m in range, I’ll talk loudly to get him curious.”

            “Oh no, here comes that kid!”

            I snapped out of my thoughts and check to see what the commotion was about. The kids all stopped playing and hovered together, before them stood Gaara with their ball.

            “Here you go,” he politely offered.

            “No way, you can have it!”

            “Yeah stay away from us, you freak!”
            Gaara’s smile faded when they started to run away from him. It was because of that kind of attitude his heart was destroyed.


            Sweat ran down my hot, sticky skin. I read the sign written on the doors. Ever since Gaara was appointed the Kazekage, I never had a chance to see him much.

            ‘What if he doesn’t remember me?’ I worriedly thought. ‘After all, I’m not a ninja. I’m only a small infamous medic who grows organic plants and simple flowers.’

            After I got rejected from becoming a ninja, I turned to the medical field. Unfortunately, it was after I finished the training I realized that Gaara wouldn’t ever need any medical treatment; his sand prevented him from getting hurt. But long before I figured that out, I would always perform my skills in front of him.

            “It took me a long time to get it, but I’ll perfect everything I learn so I can tend to the ninja that are severely injured,” I would tell him.

            As Gaara grew older, he became more and more difficult to get close to. I’m not the shy, quiet-type; instead, I’m rather an outgoing, active, noble gal. I’m content with who I am. And I tried to show Gaara that, but the problem was, he would snarl at anyone who eyed him.

            “I hear the Chunin exams were approaching soon. I won’t see you for a long while, so here.”

            In my hand was a white flower I grew in my garden. It was the only one that sparkled in the sunlight and glowed in the dark. The pedals were as white as my hair. I handed it over to Gaara, but he didn’t accept it.
            “It’s rude to bring this up, but you’re only letting the villagers win. I know you’re different from us; nonetheless, I don’t think you’re as monstrous as they say,” I recall telling him.

            Still Gaara did not speak to me nor did he look at me. I was a ghost to him. We were only twelve at that time. I didn’t want to believe that he had grown bloodthirsty eyes. Even when word spread throughout the village saying that Gaara lost control and brutally injured a boy in the Chunin exams, I refused to believe it. The sand in my eyes made it impossible for me to see the truth. Yet, I knew that underneath that shield was a boy still crying out for love and cherish. 

            “I saw it with my own eyes,” Baki told me. “I’ll have to admit, Bri, even I’m scared of the kid.”


            “Okay, okay just go in there casually and give him a quick check up. Just go in and get out.” I murmured.

            My body stood frozen before the doors. And no matter how much my head screamed for me to move, anxiety took over me. I couldn’t fight off the butterflies.

            “Coward! You heard everyone, he’s changed.”

            I closed my eyes and recalled the face of Gaara. The sun angle was positioned just enough to highlight his glorious light skin tone. The wind blew gently and caressed through every stitch of his cream robes. He stood on the rooftop and gazed down at the golden dry village. The crowd roared and every hand clapped. I smiled and opened my eyes. That was the day Gaara was appointed the Fifth Kazekage.
            That day meant more to me that it did to him. I had dressed up in a vintage red dress in honor of his strong red hair though I was stupid to have worn black with it too. It was so hot and steamy; the air was stuffy and the touch of the breeze was just as humid. I remember I had time before the whole town had to gather for the ceremony, so I ran over to a small oasis by my garden. First, I dipped my toes in it then I added more leg. Nobody was around at that time. I reached my hands in the magically cool oasis and bathed my hot neck.

            I was so lost in my actions that it never occurred to me that he had been watching. I turned my head and blushed. A pair of smoky sea-green eyes peered at me. I was embarrassed yet thrilled that he actually stood in front of me, noticing me.
            “This is the water I use for my garden. I’m short so I thought this particular oasis could boost my height,” I joked.

            And yet all I got was silence from him. At that point I didn’t care if I made a complete ass out of myself. I sat up and swiftly got out of the oasis. I was drenched from head to toe; however, I was the only sore thumb that didn’t melt in the hot sun.


            “Gah, why do I always have to look like an idiot in front of Gaara?”

            I was desperate. All the replays of past events made me forget why I was even before the Kazekage’s doors in the first place.  

            “Okay this is it. Just go in there, check for any injuries, maybe start small talk, and get out!” I said.

            I took another deep breath and placed my hand on the doors. I counted to three and pushed the doors open. My eyes marveled at the figurine waiting on the other side; he sat on the window peering at the sunset. In his hand, he held a white flower. He smelled it then slowly looked at me. 
            “Kankuro told me to analyze your health. Despite my absence, I’m grateful you’ve returned safely, lord Kazekage,” I spoke.

            “Don’t do that.”

            I was thrown back by his striking voice. For all the years I’ve known Gaara, not once has he spoken to me. It sounded so deep and a bit rough; no ear could ever miss the words he would speak, it was leading and demanding as well.

            “It’s what I’m ordered to do,” I said.

            “Don’t hide your bubbly spirit,” he said.

            “Forgive me, but this is no laughing matter. My duties were to heal you, not entertain you.”

            His eyes smiled. Finally, he stood up from the window and inched towards me. Before I could say anything else, Gaara held up the white flower in front of my face.

            “Its glisten was brighter back in the day, but it has not lost all of its magic. Do you remember this?” Gaara asked.

            ‘He kept that all these years? It’s still in decent condition,’ I thought.

            I took the flower from Gaara’s hand and shyly smiled. The sand from Gaara surrounded me and pushed my body closer to his. I started to tremble out of anxiety. Why was I always nervous around him?

            “You saved me more than you know,” he whispered.

            “I just wanted to get close to you,” I told him. “I wanted to touch you.”

            “The sand protects me if I’m being threatened. I don’t think your touch can harm me.”

            Gaara’s hand pressed against my lower back in order to draw me nearer. My head shrieked with excitement, my nervous body finally relaxed in his loving arms, and my heart beat 10 times faster. Little by little, we slowly leaned towards one another. Even once our lips met, we continued to give in.

            ‘I had no idea,’ I thought during our kiss.

            Gaara wrapped his arms around my shoulders while mine focused on undoing every piece of his clothing. Gaara’s hands caressed and felt all over my body. Once they reached my thighs, he began to rub them. I broke away from the kiss and stared into his eyes. They no longer carried the sign of death; deep down I saw emotion and love.

            “You were the first to accept me,” said he.

            Gaara used his sand to build a thick wall all around the room, so if anyone did enter without knocking, they would only see a sand wall. Then, gently, he picked me up and set me down on the floor; his body brought me warmth as he lay on top of me. The butterflies in my stomach returned; my heart was ready to give myself to him, but my body flinched.

            “Are you scared?” Gaara asked.

            “Not like that.” I shakily replied.

            “Brielle,” Gaara spoke, but I pulled his face closer to mine to shut him up.

            “Put your hands on me,” I breathed.

            Still lying on top of me, Gaara’s hand slid from my thigh to my chest. He tenderly played with one of my tits; the pleasure of his touch made my nipple harden. His finger circled around it. I panted and moaned as Gaara licked and sucked on my neck. My fingers stroked through his red hair and my legs wrapped around his waist as a tease.

            “Oh Gaara,” I panted.

            I arched my back and pushed my lower end deep into his. Then Gaara began to strip off my fishnet stockings, and my skirt. If I had have been better prepared, I would’ve worn sexier underwear. As his hands slithered around my back, he stopped and pulled away.

            “Let me see it,” Gaara said.

He got off my body and patiently waited for me to oblige. I sat up and turned around. With my back turned, I pulled over my shirt and unhooked my bra.
My breasts popped out and got a taste in natural freedom.  Gaara’s hand lightly felt my flower tattoo; it was the same flower I gave to him when we were just about twelve. I turned my head when Gaara said my name; on his knees, he was completely exposed. He had a nice, slim figured; I never would’ve thought he had so much muscle. The moment I faced him, his long, thick penis perked at me. I crawled towards him and lightly felt his skin. We hadn’t even started and already we’re breathing hard. I kissed all over Gaara’s body and eventually when down to his friend.

            “Ugh,” Gaara moaned.

            My tongue hesitantly reached out to taste him. I started with just the tip, got it wet enough for my liking then I sucked more in my mouth. Over and over my head pumped in and out. I figured I wasn’t doing too badly because Gaara kept moaning and throwing his head back. My eyes switched from his face to his thing; it took up a lot of room in my mouth. The thought of it inside me made me tingle. Something weird was happening down on my end; I didn’t have to search deep to find how wet I was.

            “Ugh, my turn,” Gaara said to me.

            He lifted my chin and ardently kissed me. Then he slowly moved me to lie back down and give him dominance. He slid off my now wet panties and spread my legs apart. Because of my anxiety, I gave resistance.

            “Its okay, Bri, you’re beautiful. May I?”

            “Do what you want,” I winced.

            My mind was blown away by the moist, squirmy touch of his tongue dancing in my pussy. My face turned bright red, I was embarrassed. My hand rested on top of his head and my hips swayed at the rhythm of his tongue. It glided on the surface, then gradually went inside just a tad.

            “Oh my gosh, I’m gonna come!” I panted.

            Just as I was getting used to his tongue, Gaara snuck in one finger inside me. It wasn’t as pleasurable, nor did it feel good. As a matter of fact, the fingering really hurt; Gaara pulled out his finger and showed me the little amount of blood I spilt.

            “Did I hurt you?” he asked.

            “I’m fine, honestly.”

            “Can I put it in?”

            I closed my eyes and nodded. Gaara picked me up and pinned me down on his desk. I questioned the position but he had already stuck his hard penis inside of me then.

            “Ahh — mm,” I shrieked.

            I tightly shut my mouth to silence my moans. I felt the blood trickle down my legs.

            “Deeper, go all the way in,” I begged.

            “I am all the way in,” Gaara told me.

            The pressure was unbearable, but his warm stick felt incredible. My pussy and his penis were united together, they touched. Gaara and I became a whole. He went all out, his pace started off strong and aggressive, and not for once second did he slow down. I loved and hated it; the pain would not go away, his manhood kept hitting my cervix. Still, beside the virginity pain, I enjoyed every pump and thrust Gaara gave me.

            “Faster, harder . . . . Mmm,” I moaned.

            Gaara grunted at how tight I was. Nevertheless, I tried to move my hips to ease his lack of space. My legs pushed his lower back downward, and my fingernails curled into his skin. I couldn’t take it anymore; the sweat on his forehead, our voices overlapping, and skin reddening. It was all too much.

            “Ahh, Gaara, I  . . . . I love you!”

            “I’m coming,” he said.

            One last thrust in and Gaara and I were sticky with sperm and egg. Even after we released, we stayed still for awhile. Our bodies panted as if we just ran 13 miles. In time, Gaara pulled his penis out from me and grabbed his robe. He motioned for me to sit against the wall with him. I got off his desk and gladly joined him. He wrapped his arms around me and placed his long robe over our tired naked bodies.


            As we rested on the floor, Gaara removed our sand barrier. I picked up the flower he kept and brought it up to my nose; I was amazed that its sweet fragrance still remained. I cuddled up closer to him and giggled.

            “What’s so funny?” Gaara asked.

         I guess that was what Kankuro meant when he said treatment,” I realized.

            “You’re the only medicine I need in order for me to recover. Oh and ugh, thanks for the entertainment,” he winked.

            My heart stopped when a sudden knock appeared. Then soon enough, the door whipped open and in came Baki. Kankuro and Temari weren’t far behind him. Their eyes widened and jaws dropped.

            “Uhh,” Baki stammered. “I-I sorry lord K-Kazekage. We’ll l-leave now!”

            He slammed the door shut leaving Gaara and I alone once again. I rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. Gaara kissed my head and whispered in my ear.

            “I love you too.”