Diary of Jane (Akatsuki R.A.P.E)

Thursday, 10:00AM, today is the day my life turned upside down. For starters, I was appointed jonin, and I was assigned to my first solo mission. There were many questions to whether I was ready for such a huge step, but I persuaded the questioners and convinced them of my guaranteed success.

            “If the Hokage, or anybody else of the council, don’t think I am capable of taking a challenge alone then strip me of my rank as jonin,” I said to them.

            I was a fool to have not listened to them. How was I to know that the mission was a hoax after all? I didn’t, so I opened my arrogant mouth and told everybody off.

            As I was on the road, I had encountered the enemy suspiciously too early. There weren’t any travelers with me to guard, and the danger shouldn’t have appeared until the next day. It didn’t matter; right now I had to take care of the mysterious stranger before me. First, it started with just me and the one foe, but gradually more and more recruiters showed up. They all wore the same attire: black cloak covered with red clouds. Each of different fighting style; their stances were prepared to attack. I was completely surrounded and worse dressed as an average peasant in disguise.

            “Now here’s a sight you don’t see every day,” a raspy voice hissed.         

            “Where did you come from gorgeous?” asked a younger sounding male voice.

            “You’re trespassing,” said a man with deadly red eyes.

            “Perhaps God sent her to us. After all, I’m sick of all the male bonding, we need another female presence.”

            “Her body is a perfect addition with the other six.”

            I observed each of my opponents. There were only eight of them. Because of my rank and reliable sources, I had a pretty good idea of who this group was.

            “Maybe if we examine her body, her heart could join my collection. Or depending on who she is, her head might be worth thousands.”

            “I’m just passing through,” I told them. “I didn’t mean to cross the Akatsuki line.”

            All of them put on alert faces. The rest of the day was a blur. I can’t remember what happened next.

            Friday, 3:01AM, I woke up with an unbearable pain in my head. I tried to wrap around what happened yesterday, but I barely remember. My eyes shot open when I felt a finger poking me. My heart was racing; I had no idea where I was. My body shivered in the cold, I saw that I barely had any clothes on, just a shirt and lingerie.

            “Oh good, you’re awake,” spoke a bright, hyper-pitched voice.

            “Where am I?” I asked.

            “At the Akatuski hideout and you’re new home I suppose,” he replied.

            New home? How could that possible be? “Why can’t I see?”

            “Your eyes will adjust to the darkness, plus it’s still night out.”

            I groaned at how heavy and drowsy I felt. My hands searched all around my surroundings. I was lying in a strange bed placed underground. I looked at the male I was talking to and shrieked; my reflexes jumped off the bed and tried to look for an escape. The strange male tried to calm me down, but that only made it worse. Suddenly, the only exit opened and in came a woman with short purple hair, paper origami in her hair, and a piercing under her bottom lip.

            “Tobi, stop scaring our guest,” she sternly told him.

            Tobi dropped his head in shame like a child being scorned. He didn’t seem friendly; I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him although I couldn’t tell his emotions because he wore an orange swirl mask. But I had to remember that he is a foe too.

            “I was just welcoming her,” Tobi whined.

            “You can welcome her when it’s your turn,” the woman scorned. She sounded like a mother bargaining with her kid.

            “Hey hey Konan, I didn’t mean it like that! She needs to know that the Akatsuki can be fun.”

            A tingle ran all the way down my body. I had a terrible feeling about the Akatsuki’s idea of fun. Recalling how one of them suggested more female touches, I only thought the worst. Konan demanded for Tobi to leave; once it was only her and I, she gave me the low down.

            “The men complain how it’s all work and no play at the end of the day. Get used to this room because you’re gonna be here for a long time. Also, don’t fall apart on them; it’s not easy finding a victim they all like,” Konan warned.

            Shortly after our conversation, seven more shadows appeared in my ground room. Each of them had their own satisfied looks on their faces. Lust was written in their eyes, mouths, and minds. My eyes widened; now I understood why they captured me. I covered my ears to drown out the evil chuckling.

            “Yummy, what a sight.”

            “We want to give you a welcoming gift you’ll never forget.”

            Monday, 5:55PM, every three seconds another drop of water echoed in the cold empty room. That was my only entertainment, listening and counting the leakage. The sound of my heartbeat thumped in my ears. My body lay still on the moist gravel and my focus gazed at the molded earth above. I was a girl trapped in prison, a prison in hell. My “cell” was almost pitch black; there was a small window high placed for me to reach, but I carved the tallies of the days I’ve been held inside. Doubt started to take over me.

            I turned my head when I heard faint voices travelling on the other side. My shrunken stomach growled; I used to be in healthy shape, but my kidnappers thought I’d be more attractive if I slimmed down. So they only fed me once a day, except occasionally, they’d slip a few snacks.

            They should be arriving any second. It’s the start of a new week; I’ve been held in the hideout for four long months. The voices grew louder. I rolled off the floor and slowly crawled on to my bed; these two really enjoyed art, so they always left their signatures on the sheets. At least I was given two different sets. I blankly watched the seal on my door unravel and in came the two I was expecting to see today.

            “Time to eat.”

            “Sasori, my man, should we skip the appetizer and give her the main course?”

            In his true form, the redhead puppet emotionlessly observed me with his unblinking eyes. “No Deidara, I like spoiling her.”

            The blond sneered. Then he started to undo his cloak; he never took his eyes off of me. With Deidara, I feared his hands, always licking me and biting me every once in awhile. Sasori wasn’t so threatening if he wasn’t ticked off. However, he always had a poisoned puppet arm if he wasn’t satisfied. So far I hadn’t experienced that yet.

            After another nightmare, Deidara and Sasori gave me my real meal: runny soup, dried bread, and a small cup of water. I never ate in front of them or any other member; sometimes they’d take away the dish because they thought I wasn’t hungry. I’d rather starve than look like a dog. My body may be a violated temple, but my mind and soul was still strong.

            “I’m gonna miss our pet, but once we return with the shukaku, I’m gonna make up for all those missed days,” Deidara spoke.

            I had forgotten that the Akatsuki were now ready to hunt for the tailed beasts. He pecked me on the cheek and both left me alone again.

            Tuesday, 9:30 AM, I woke up even more depressed than most. Just one more tally to carve on the wall; I felt like I was caught in one of Itachi’s Genjutsu illusions where a simple second feels like a year. I looked up towards my barred shut window and estimated the time, still morning.

            Soon my door opened once again. This time a man with a Frankenstein face, and another with gray hair slicked back came in. These two enjoyed the bondage round.

            “Look at that, Kakuzu, she flinched.”

            “Hidan, you don’t scare her. She knows that I rough her up real well,” Kakuzu gloated.

            The Frankenstein grabbed me by my hair and brought my face inches away from his. He ordered Hidan, the man with gray hair, to strap on the necessary equipment: leash collar, ball gag, and cuffs. Hidan even had his kusari gama on standby, ready to slice through my body if I restrained. These two always made me feel so ashamed of myself.

            “We’ve got time to give you a snack before we have to set out,” Hidan chuckled.

            I dropped on all fours and gagged out speckles of blood. I could breathe steadily again once I removed my collar; with aggressive tugging, I thought I was gonna suffocate. My skin was hot and sensitive; the candle wax still burned me. And the scars of each cut reopened. I peered over at the tallies on the wall. 122 days I’ve been living like this. Is there anybody looking for me? Am I to stay here until my dying day?

            Later on today I got an unexpected visit. It was Deidara and Sasori. At first I thought they were here for another round, but they told me that they just received the shukaku.

            “We’re expecting more visitors, but don’t worry, they’re not here to rescue you,” Sasori nastily remarked.

            “Oh look, now you made out pet sad. We’ll just have to lift her spirits later tonight then,” Deidara smirked.

            “In the mean time, one peep from you and you’ll be struck with my poisoned puppets.”

            Sasori did a quick summoning and shortly my room was covered with poisoned puppet parts all triggered to attack me if I disobeyed. I didn’t plan on saying or trying anything until I heard a loud burst. My hopes rose the moment I heard a familiar voice.

            “You . . . . you bastards!”

            I couldn’t believe it! That was Naruto just outside. I scanned all around me; if the parts were really infested with Sasori’s poison, then the effect wouldn’t take my life immediately. This might be my only escape. I pressed my body against my door and started to scream at the top of my lungs. But before I could get a word out, a hand slapped on my mouth. I fought back, but soon my body went flying into the wall; I could feel the blood trickle through my hair and down my ill-looking face. Then a body rammed in from behind me; soon, five other bodies swarmed around me. They had destroyed Sasori’s puppets from that great push.

            “I can feel your pain of capture,” spoke one. “Now you shall feel the pain of carelessness.”

            “Let me go,” I begged.

            “This is the consequence you get for knowing all about us.”

            All six Pains blankly stared at me with their Rinnegan eyes. Out of everyone in the Akatsuki, Pain was the worst; some even had piercings in other places than their faces. Every time, my insides would hurt; it felt like he was killing me from beneath my skin. Whenever I bled during, they all would just gawk at me, no emotion, all dead faces. Every hole in me was filled, painfully filled. During this hell, I tried to scream as loud as I could, but I would pay every time I did that.

            Friday, 12 noon, I couldn’t even get out of bed today. I was starting to hurt more and more, not just my body, but my heart as well. I never thought I would go through something like this. I curled my knees close into my chest and allowed myself to cry. I had lost all hope of getting out of this; only death could bring me escape.

            Yesterday was all about Zetsu, who I call “Venus flytrap guy”, and the day before I got a visit from a man who strangely resembles a shark. Zetsu double penetrated me, but it wasn’t as worse as Pain; nevertheless, shark-man, Kisame, almost tore everything I had. I couldn’t tolerate another day and go through this. I glanced up at the barred window; today, I was gonna get out of jail. Right as I started to climb the rock wall, my door opened. I gulped and slowly turned my head. Fortunately, this was a member I could tolerate, no it wasn’t Tobi. He had a solemn look on his face; even his eyes were grieving yet proud for some reason.

            “Sheba,” he spoke. “In two days I’ll be heading out in wait for my little brother. I know you’re not a peasant. I’ll search for the Leaf followers and once I find them, I’ll inform you of their whereabouts.”         

            “I’ll have to confess everything I know, Itachi. The others will know you helped me.”

            “You know what to say. I’ll worry about them,” Itachi comforted.

            It wasn’t like Itachi to act this way. Still, I couldn’t help but feel sad. He spoke as if he wasn’t coming back, almost like he was gonna lose to Sasuke. All in all, my heart couldn’t be any happier of me finally leaving. But then the strangest thing happened.

            “Kiss me,” Itachi told me.

            Never have I ever kissed any one of the Akatsuki members. Deidara would always peck me on the cheek, but normally I’d take a beating than kiss them. I gave Itachi a quick kiss on the lips just like he said.

            “No, kiss me like you would a lover,” he said.

            So without fear I did what Itachi said and I enjoyed it. In the end, Itachi was the closest to acting like a lover; after all he never forcefully slept with me. He was always passionate and pleasurable. He was the only one who treated me like a human being than a prisoner.

            Sunday, 6:00AM, after almost a year in servitude, I finally felt the touch of freedom. Thanks to Itachi, he got me out in the middle of the night and hid me someplace else for safety. I almost felt sorry for his outcome, especially with his history, yet in the end, Itachi always knew what he was doing.

            “Kiss me, once more.”

            I did what he told me, except this farewell kiss was different. Itachi wrapped his arms around my back and shoulders. His tongue scooped mine into his mouth and played with it. His body collided deep into mine. His lower end grew and pressed far within me. Once my mind recovered from the sensation, I broke away from the kiss. Itachi didn’t quit though, he wanted more. So he moved down to my neck and his hands slid up my shirt. This was no Genjutsu, it was real, and happening outside. Itachi told me that I was still under his command, so once more would be the last time. My hands slid inside his cloak to feel his body again; so warm and protecting. It hit me hard knowing that I won’t get to feel him ever again.

            As I travelled by myself, I couldn’t stop smiling. I hadn’t smiled since the day before I was captured by the Akatsuki. I was finally able to see the sunlight, feel the wind, and breathe the fresh air.  I thought long and hard about what I was gonna say to everyone back at home. I don’t even know who was responsible for taking my virginity. In the end, it doesn’t make a difference; I was raped by the Akatsuki in every way a person can think of. Because of that, my outward appearance had completely formed into a different person, and so had my inward appearance. Once I tell my story I can feel I won’t be thought as the same; no more will I be titled as a ninja, but as prey.

Art is a Blast (Deidara One-shot)