The Soul Reaper Reaps (Ichigo One-shot)

Sitting right in front of Rukia was the new girl. I’ve seen her around a few times, henceforth she’s in my class and she recently just moved to Karakura Town. Now that the guys shifted their attention to someone else, Rukia was finally relieved of the title “new girl”. I admit, even she got me curious about her. Her innocence glistened all over her face. I don’t know her too well, but she looks like one of the quiet types. Leila, she says her name is Leila.

            It’s been three weeks since the kidnapping. It sickens me how crooked people are. Sometimes I wish I could do more than reap souls, but also reap human beings and send them to the underground.

            “Temporarily,” Rukia remarked.


            “You are temporarily a Soul Reaper Ichigo,” her voice was calm and monotonous.

            “Humph. Quit acting like one day my ability of being a Soul Reaper will end. Look back to day one; you admit you were astonished by the strength of my soul,” I had to rub that in. She’s so difficult to please.

            The day was surprisingly quiet; not a hollow insight. I didn’t sense any around town either.

            “Well what do you know? Looks like I finally get to sleep tonight.”

            “It is strange that the Soul Society hasn’t given us any duties today,” Rukia, once again, emotionlessly remarks.

            The school of cars filled every black and white part on the road. Pedestrians were coming and going in all directions, colliding into each other trying to reach their destination. Walking amongst the sea, I see her, Leila. I was captivated by her fair long brown hair that bounced with every step she took. I’m not the type of guy that is easily taken away by a girl, but there is definitely something eccentric about her. I struggle through the crowd inching closer so that I could “accidentally” catch her attention. It worked; she gazes at me with her sparkly tender blue eyes.

            Honk Honk! “Hey get off the street kid!”

            “Come on! You’re causing traffic!”

            The crosswalk was crystal clear; everyone had crossed it save me motionlessly standing there. Horns were honking and the people were screaming.

            “I will run you over if you don’t move!”

            I swiftly get off the street and turn around to steal a look at Leila once more. Unfortunately, she had already turned the corner. The way she looked at me gave me goose bumps. Even with her warm smile, it made me feel uneasy.

~~ I ~~

            “Hey Ichigo, did you read the paper today?” Yuzu asked.

“What about it?”

            “Oh . . . . nothing I guess,” she sullenly replied. “just that . . . nobody knows the identity of the kidnappers.”

            “You’ll only scare yourself if you read archives like that.”

            “Yuzu, those kidnappings were nowhere near Karakura Town,” Karin added.

            That was a lie. Three weeks ago, there was a report from a family saying that their daughter had been kidnapped near the dark alleys of Karakura Town.

            “Where’s dad?” I asked.

            “He said he’ll be home late.”

            “Don’t worry Yuzu, the kidnappers are only after certain people.”

            “Well that makes me worry about those certain people,” she cringed.

            As I make my way into my room, I couldn’t shake off my anxiety. The only things anyone, in general, should worry about are the hollows, which reminds me, I wonder why I didn’t see or sense any today.

            Waking me from my thoughts, my window shutter slams shut. The striking sound startled me a bit. Odd, the air was rather stuffy and humid today, so feeling a sudden strong breeze puzzles me. I walk over to open the window and all of a sudden, Leila’s petite figure appears on the sidewalk. She’s just standing in one spot and peering down at the alley. I remained by my window, just observing her. I’ve only talked to her once: well, I mean we did greet each other one day. Actually it was more of an acknowledgement. The evening sky began to slowly form into the night sky, but Leila didn’t seem to take notice or even care. She continued to stand where she was and gaze at the alleyway.

            “Seriously Ichigo, why not just go down and say hi?” Rukia interrupted.

            “Those who are always getting involved in other people’s business are called brown-nosers,” I remarked.

            “So go brown-nose your way down and talk to her.”

            Without even thinking about it, that’s exactly what I did. But I didn’t just walk down to see her, I ran. I ran so fast Yuzu wasn’t able to get a word in.

            Leila didn’t seem to notice me when I showed up. Now that I think of it, it is a little strange walking up to someone who hasn’t moved a muscle for hours. Especially when gazing upon an alley; it’s one thing if she were gaping at a lake. She moved her head slightly when she heard my shuffling feet.

            “It’s getting late,” I spoke. “You shouldn’t be out here by yourself, specially these days anyway.”

            She didn’t say anything to me, nor even look my way. So I stood next to her and stared down the alleyway. I couldn’t prevent myself from gawking at her face. I’ve never seen anybody with such innocence and fairness.

            ‘Play this cool,’ “you’re the new girl right?”Still no reply, so I continued to look at her. “Are you waiting for someone?”

            Finally, she slowly turns her head to face me. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was vaguely open.

            “Leila right?”

            “How did you know that?” She asked in surprise.

            “We met three weeks ago at school. It’s pretty hard to forget a guy with brown eyes and orange hair,” I told her. I should probably control my sarcasm.

            “Oh,” she exhaled in relief. “now I remember. I asked you where one of my classes was; ironic you were in the same class.”

            “But I don’t remember giving you my name, I’m Ichigo,” I stuck out my hand and waited for hers.

            She didn’t return the handshake. Instead she dropped her eyes and peered at my hand like it was a weapon. “Do I have to re-introduce myself?” she asked sarcastically.

            I chuckled, “So I was just speculating, what are you doing out here so late?”

            “You could say I’m waiting for someone, but I gotta change the subject, I’m shocked you can see me. People are so vile nowadays my expectation in life was to be invisible. I’m usually really good at it.”

            “I saw you clearly today, particularly when crossing the crosswalk.”

            “Well sometimes I put myself out there to be seen. I didn’t want to be pushed around like a rag doll in that sea.”

            “You gotta point.”

            The night was still and the air was growing cold. My body was shaking like a leaf. Still, Leila and I just stood in the awkward silence. Who spends their entire day hanging around at a dark alley? Apparently this girl; she’s a bit unusual, most definitely not the quiet type, and it seems that she is supposedly waiting for someone.

            “I can hear your teeth chattering. You are free to go as you please,” Leila spoke at last.

            “Are you trying to get rid of me?” I asked.

            She cocks her head and smirks, “More or less,” she teased. “I’m kidding. This just might take awhile.”

            ‘You’re telling me.’ “Hey umm . . .” ‘Play this calm and cool.’ “I know we just met, but . . . . I was wondering if you would like to go out . . . on a date this Saturday?”

            Her big blue eyes studied every part of me. Not like that! At first she was hesitant to consider; we are strangers to each other, still I hate rejection.

            “Sure I would like that.”

~~ II ~~

            “Hey Ichigo, what’s with the evening attire?


            “I’m going out tonight Rukia,”


            “What do you mean ‘oh?’?”

            “You’re going out with that girl err what’s her name . . .”

            “Her name is Leila you moron. It’s nothing important.”

            “You’re the moron, of course it’s important.”

            I am not in the mood to deal with her; she doesn’t understand anyway. Sigh, old souls are way outdated.

            “What if a hollow appears?” Rukia asked.

            “I’ve thought the same, so I have no choice but to ask that you,” I lower my voice and mutter, “shadow us.”

            Rukia raised her eyebrows, "No way!”

            I was starting to get irritated with her attitude. I don’t care if I have to smack the back of her neck, tie her up, and take her hostage, she’s going!

            “Listen! I have a strong sense that I’m gonna have to slay a hollow. If that’s the case, then you’re gonna HAVE to come!”

            She sighs out of annoyance. “You mean so that I can distract Leila while you’re soul reaping. Fine, I’ll go; oh and if you plan on kissing that poor girl, you better get yourself a breath mint FAST!” she brought her hand up to cover her nose.

            Like I said, really old souls are so outdated.

~~ III ~~

            Instead of congregating Leila at the alleyway, we met up at the park. I chose that location to show Leila the view of the lake, and to share with her the day when I was nine years old my mother was killed.

            “I’m sorry about your mother,” she sympathized.

            I took Leila — while Rukia watched us from afar — to a quiet diner to give us a chance to get better acquainted.

            “There was nothing I could do to help. I lost consciousness and the next thing I know she’s not breathing."

            “Yeah I know what you mean,” Leila replies in a hoarse tone.

            I could feel a bit of tension in her; she seemed so troubled. I hope my story didn’t upset her in any way.

            “Are you alright? You seem so far away.”

            “I’m just . . . paranoid I guess,” she looked frightened and started shaking all over.

            “Paranoid?” I question.

            “Ichigo,” Leila whispers. The fear in her eyes made my spine tingle. “It’s been looking for you for days. Now it’s found you.”

            “A hollow!”

            Abruptly, the glasses on every table started to shake, and the dishes were clanking together. The windows shattered when a huge explosion appeared. Responsible for the destruction was a large hollow that contained a wolf body, and ram horns on its head. The mask it wore had a red X mark on it, and its eyes were gleaming yellow. Rukia came out from afar and quickly transformed me into my Soul Reaper appearance. I didn’t assault it immediately, for I wanted to see who this hollow was truly after. The second I figured it out, I attacked the hollow from behind and slit my sword through its head. Though the beast had fallen, the battle was far from over. More hollows would show up and go after their target.

            To keep from getting hurt, Rukia successfully guided Leila out of the danger zone; however, she wasn’t able to distract Leila fully. With an unconscious body lying on the ground, it’s pretty hard to ignore. She gazed at all the damaged buildings and pavements in Karakura. The diner that Leila and I were just at was demolished along with some apartment buildings. Still in my Soul Reaper form, I slowly make my way towards Leila.

            “Thanks Rukia, you can go.”

            She nods her head, picks up my body and carries it home. Leila just locks her eyes with mine. The moment I took her hand she stopped shaking. She was herself again.

            “That hollow was after you wasn’t it? You’re a Soul Reaper, they’re trying to destroy you,” she spoke.

            I shook my head, “No, it was after you. They liked the strength of your soul.”

            I use my other hand to bring Leila closer to me. If it wasn’t for Rukia, I would never have known the feeling of Leila’s flesh; but she isn’t flesh. Our faces draw nearer and nearer until at last they meet. The touch of her lips on mine — for a moment — felt empty, but then the sense of warm, soft, smooth lips tingled all over me. The sweet taste of silk cream melted in my mouth. She was so heavenly. I stroke her long hair and caress her face. I felt a spot on her cheek that felt cool and moist.

            “You must pass me on Ichigo,” Leila pleaded.

            I know I should, but I just can’t bring myself to do so. Ever since the day when I first saw her in class, I’ve been hooked on her.

            “They’ll never give up, and you can’t protect me all the time. I’ll just become a burden,” she added.

            “I can’t send you, not now,” I told her.

            I take Leila to the lake where my mother died and brought her into a thick forest nearby. I slam Leila up against the tree trunk and kiss her passionately. I couldn’t control my urges; I wanted her so much it hurt.She brings her arms around my back and pressures her fingers deep into my skin pulling me closer into her bosom. I fervently kiss her lips then move my way to the side of her delicate face. I nibble and lick the outline of her ear, causing Leila to pant. Then she starts to moan with pleasure when I hit her soft spot on her neck. She tightens her grip around me while I suck harder and harder on her neck. She slips out a moan so loud it echoed throughout the entire forest, but no one could hear it. My chest beats with pain because I now realize that I can’t fully feel her; I was so obstinate at first, but now I understand that Leila is just like air. Loneliness and desolation had taken control. Leila lifts my chin and gapes into my eyes; there weren’t any words either of us could say. I thrust my lower body deep into hers. She spreads her legs apart allowing me to completely flatten her. Leila then starts playing with my kimono while my hands touched every part of her body. This was my only chance.

~~ IV ~~

            “Ichigo! Wake up you lazy bum! You slept through the morning and it’s almost noon,” Yuzu shouts outside my room.

            Still half asleep, I drag myself out of bed and slothfully walk to the dining room.

            “What happened to you, rough night?” Karin asked.

            “Mmmm . . .”

            I was so exhausted and a tad emotionally drained. Nevertheless, if I could relive last night, I would do it all over again. I knew from the moment I saw Leila, I loved her. This was true love; I know I sound corny, but whatever. If I cared about what people thought of me, I would’ve dyed my hair black a long time ago.

            “Ichigo read the paper,” Yuzu points to an article. “It says they finally caught the kidnappers. Now I can finally sleep peacefully at night. And look, they have all the names of the teenage girls they’ve abducted.”

            I took the newspaper and read the article myself:

            Police say that an anonymous witness saw the vehicle of the kidnappers and reported the license plate to the police station. All the missing girls have been found and released to go home. Sadly, there were some victims who never had a chance to taste their freedom. Our prayers go to them and their families.

            The only revenge I could have was getting their identities and that license plate number. I gave them mercy for now — except for the head criminal — because I have a sense that I’ll get my chance to massacre them myself. If only things were different, she would have been the one sharing my bed; laughing at me when I’m acting, well, weird. Her beautiful innocent face would’ve been the first thing I would’ve seen this morning, and we would’ve had to experience the anxiety of getting in trouble with my dad and sisters.

            “They kidnap for money. They make a bargain; negotiate, but my parents were unable to reach their end of the bargain by the deadline.”

            My heart was opposed to sending her to the Soul Society. Except if I didn’t, those hollows would constantly hunt her; she would always be in danger. And I can’t bear the thought of her becoming one of them if I were to fail to protect her. Whenever I walk down the alley, I see the scene of Leila’s kidnapping. I can hear her screaming, and see her struggling to break free, but nobody was around. Everywhere I go I see Leila: at school, sitting on the sidewalk, and standing next to me at her grave. I can still feel her presence surrounding me. I love her, and I miss her.